events. for every occasion.

we actually make up reasons to throw parties for ourselves, but when it comes to work, we take our job seriously. we (yes, that includes you) have a lot of fun doing it too.

where do you want us to start?

cb has been in the making since carrie and brenda could talk. we have been designing for as long as we can remember. together we create unimaginable events, ultimately leaving your guests feeling like you were one smart cookie.

we totally don't mind. 

do you like surprises?

we do too, but not on event day. therefore, we create lots and lots of pretty little visuals beforehand so you know exactly what to expect as well as when it all happens.

layout design site evaluation & selection 3D renderings event storyboards full event concept & design time lapse   rentals
plus much, much more

our inventory is exploding!!

well, not literally. we do have a lot of comfortable, stylish sofas, leather chairs and unique tables in all colors and sizes. let's take a stroll.

Bars, back bars, chandeliers, vintage furniture and other fun accessories are also available! Check out our sister company for our inventory of specialized event rentals...

we even plan your bathroom breaks

we live and breath what you are envisioning, but like to push the envelope at the same time. being original is a must.

corporate is hands down our fave, but we are always down for doing a fabulous wedding. actually, we love all events.

let's talk.

wanna brainstorm? need help with a budget?
we'll help in any way we can. this is what we do.

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c: 864.906.4090

brenda luginbill
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